StatsInEx Trade Graphs.

StatsInEx specialise in analysing and presenting global trade data at detailed product level, in order to give you valuable information and keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

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We create and distribute graphs and overviews monthly, to show trends in volume and pricing for the specific products in which you are interested. This will give your business a strong competitive advantage. Our monthly graphs show the average price and the trend in volumes of your competitor's exports, imports and production. You can use this information to help you understand changing market conditions and define your business strategy in order to help your business succeed. There is no need for you to devote time and resources yourself. We distribute graphs monthly as soon as data becomes available. Simply open them up in your email and you will immediately see the changes in trade of the products that are important to you. We can also supply an 'executive summary' along with the graphs, to highlight the main changes, both for your own information, but also as a basis for you to present the graphs to colleagues, customers, suppliers and/or business partners.

Our graph service offers many benefits including: